Silicon Power Welcomes You to Yet Another Glorious Summer

Wanna hear an interesting fact? Almost 90% of the world lives in the northern hemisphere. That means, almost 90% of the world is enjoying summer right now. (And for the rest of you, summer is only six months away!) Across the SP universe this month, there are festivals, barbecues, fresh seasonal vegetables, sandy beaches, outdoor playtime, and lots and lots of football matches.

Iran has flower festivals and riverside kebabs. Germany has camping, refreshing lake swims, and iconic beer gardens. The UK has fish and chips at the beach and even…sunshine! The United States has firework celebrations and backyard parties. Silicon Power has consumer electronic solutions of all shapes and sizes. Across our many offices, we’re feeling energized and inspired. Want to know why?

  1. Summertime Solutions
  2. Silicon Power Ambassadors
  3. SP Product Reviews
  4. SP at Computex
  5. Seek Road
  6. Contests


Silicon Power Summertime Solutions

We have three “must have” tech toys for the summer traveler, photographer, or vlogger. Summertime is for sandy beaches, going to far-off places, having no attachments, and letting nothing slow you down. Here are three Silicon Power Summertime favorites: The B75, Boost Charger, and  A65

Silicon Power B75, Wall Charger, A65


Silicon Power Ambassador Spotlight

Vincenzo Mancuso is a tech addict from Italy who works in the construction sector. He always needs the best performance for his computers, even on his mobile. His first contact with Silicon Power happened on Linkedin where he talked with us about his computer and video game tech blog. We supplied him with the P32A80 256GB NVMe SSD. He called our gift a “nice ally to make every computer fast.” He wrote about us in his tech blog here.

SP Reviewer Bits And Chips

Engin Senli is a German outdoor enthusiast who uses video and photos to document his experiences and the products he uses on his adventures. At the end of June, he will spend three weeks alone in the Swedish wilderness. He needed a few large capacity SD cards to help him capture every minute of his excursion. We sent him an Elite SD Card for his camera and an Elite microSD Card for his phone and drone.

Silicon Power Solution SD Card


June’s Silicon Power Reviews


SeekRoad: A Silicon Power Sponsorship

Tech reporter Eva Yoo and Jianan Lee will cycle through 14 countries, documenting startup entrepreneurs on the ancient Silk Road, as well as “One Belt, One Road” from May to December 2018. They will travel through China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, cross the Caspian Sea with a ferry, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, France, the UK, and South Korea.

Eva and Jianan are currently sharing their journey through video, social media, interviews with startups, and plan to release a book later. They were looking for brands who wanted their logos or product exposure on the SeekRoad project. We helped out by offering some of our products for their journey. Here’s a picture of Eva Yoo enjoying our Armor A85M Portable Hard Drive. More information on Hard Drives here.

Seek Road


Silicon Power & Computex 2018

We celebrated an important milestone this year by winning a d&i award at the 2018 Computex awards. The Mobile C50 USB 3.1 Flash Drive, a previous winner of the IF Design Award in 2018, GOOD design Award in 2017, and the Taiwan Excellence Award, wowed Computex judges with its innovative features.

Mobile C50 Award

Reviewed by illustrious tech reviewer outlets like MadShrimps and 24HiTech, the Mobile C50 is one of our most popular flash drives. With three connectors, the Mobile C50 gives users flexibility and universal adaptability among many devices, a solution many still seek in an increasingly complex technology-laden life. The flash drive allows users to easily share data between new-generation USB Type-C devices, any classic USB laptop or PC, and Micro-B smartphones or tablets.

After accepting the d&i award at the 2018 Computex award ceremony, some of our teams traveled to Computex to learn more about releases in the field and make contacts in the industry. Visitors witnessed breakthroughs in laptops, keyboards, monitors, gaming, PC components like SSDs and processors, graphics cards, IoT, machine learning, and AI. Innovex hosted an exciting startup competition with tons of countries and industries represented. Even for seasoned tech insiders, Computex 2018 presented visitors with awe-inspiring presentations of hardware, innovation, and what the future looks like.

Silicon Power Marta Lopez
Silicon Power Marta Lopez

The company also opened its headquarters to the public for the exhibition. Visitors were able to meet with employees, see the headquarters, and check out the product room. We updated our product room with a vivid new interior design and products like the Bolt B75 Portable SSD and the Blast Plug BP61 headphones available to try out. It was also an opportunity for global distributors to speak directly to sales teams and strengthen business relationships. Guests were able to get an exciting glimpse into what we’ll be doing in the wake of an inspiring Computex.


Contest Time at Silicon Power

Silicon Power Contest

Another month means more opportunities to win free stuff. We’ve got three contests this month. We encourage you to share these contests with your contacts.

The SP Referral Contest

Winner will receive an On the Go Pack from Silicon Power.

Our On the Go Pack includes:

  1. 480GB Bolt B80 Portable SSD
  2. 128GB Mobile C50 USB 3.1 Flash Drive
  3. 256GB Elite microSD Card

Contestants receive a unique URL referral code upon registration that they share with as many people as possible. Contestants can also get points by following Silicon Power on social media, sharing our blog and contest post on Facebook. Check out the contest page for more information.

The Summer Photo Contest

Our Waterproof Pack includes:

  1. 5TB Armor A85 Portable Hard Drive
  2. 128GB SD card
  3. 256GB Elite micro SD Card
  4. 128GB Mobile C31 Flash Drive

Contestants will have to post their best underwater or beach picture on Instagram with the hashtag #spsummer18. Photos with the contest hashtag will be posted on our contest wall to be voted on. Contestants must follow Silicon Power on IG to win. The picture with the most votes by July 31st at 11:59 p.m. will receive a Waterproof Pack from Silicon power. Check out the contest page for more information.

The Jar of USBs Contest

Social media users will guess how many USB drives are in a container. The first five to guess the correct number (or closest) will get a Silicon Power flash drive of their choice. Check out the contest page for more information.

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