On Wednesday, February 8th, Silicon Power celebrated 15 years as a leading company in the storage and accessories industries by hosting a company-wide, end-of-year party. Coinciding with the upcoming Chinese New Year, the event included a prize lottery complete with an extensive buffet and beverages.

Special Prize Lottery Drawing

To kick things off, CEO Michael Chen and co-founder Perry Yuan cut a cake to commemorate the company’s 15-year anniversary. Accompanied by rounds of applause, the two thanked everyone for their hard work over the years before drawing the first lucky prize winner’s name.

Gogoro Winner

Of course, seeing the biggest prize parked beside the stage as Michael and Perry gave their speeches whet everyone’s appetite. It was a brand new Gogoro, a Taiwanese made electric scooter that was all the rage when it made its international debut two years ago.

Second Round of Lottery Winners

While not every gift was expected to be on a par with the Gogoro, there were some honorable mentions, including two iPhone Xs; massage heating pads; dehumidifiers; bakeware, and luxury hotel vouchers, among others.

The SP Meet and Greet

International Team

Although there were plenty of chances to win something, the real highlight of the event was the fellowship and camaraderie that ensued after the last of the lottery names were announced.

Bonding over food, drink, and the sheer joy of conversation and laughter, it was the perfect opportunity for all the newcomers to get acquainted with team members outside of their respective departments at Silicon Power.

A Global Focus

International Team Taiwan

So, what’s in store for 2018? SP is excited to announce that there are some big changes ahead as we marche into the new year. For one, the company just formed its Taiwan-based international marketing team. As it currently stands, the roster represents five different nations, including the USA, New Zealand, UK, Spain, and Taiwan.

International Team of Writers and Developers

With branches, employees, and clients scattered across the globe, the diversity that characterizes Silicon Power will only continue to grow as its vision expands. Expect new product lines, more cutting-edge storage technology, and a honed focus on our growing international markets. As they say in Taiwan, Xin Nian Kuai Le!


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