At Silicon Power (SP), we recognize the value of awards. While our aim has never been to collect trophies, we know that awards are a vital sign of a company’s health and relevance within an industry, so they do matter.

But how do they benefit you as a customer, and what do they really mean?

What Awards Mean For You…

Awards aren’t meant to be one sided. They affirm and validate a company’s efforts, but more importantly, they communicate and reinforce a brand’s goals and ethos to their audience.

But how?

When a company receives an award, it conveys three things:

1. Quality – An industry’s standard of excellence acts as the gatekeeper of quality. So, when a company receives an award, it means they’ve put painstaking effort into delivering a deserving product.

2. Trust – Awards give companies a sense of social proof. They show transparency, which builds trust between a brand and their audience. More importantly, they demonstrate that the interests and needs of the customer are a top priority. 

3. Consistency & Reliability – Winning awards consecutively, or winning multiple awards in a given year, shows that a company can be counted on in the future. Customers have high expectations of brands that deliver great products year after year.


… and Why Awards Matter to Us

As we mentioned earlier, awards give us a sense of validation. They mean our efforts are not in vain and that we are making products that satisfy a need. However, they also serve other long-term purposes.

Awards are a(n):

1. Opportunity to Build Brand Awareness – Awards ceremonies themselves are events that generate lots of chatter within an industry. This creates an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness. Leading up to an event, marketers leverage the buzz to create a wave of anticipation and excitement with their audience.

2. Way to Establish Benchmarks – We want to continually improve ourselves as a brand. Our previous accolades give us a standard of excellence to measure ourselves by. So, we can either rest on our laurels, or we can be innovative and strive to create even better products going forward.

3. Means of Distinguishing Ourselves From Competitors – Awards carry prestige and set apart their recipients from the rest of the competition. Although there are plenty of other factors that distinguish one brand from another, awards arguably speak the loudest.  

So, What Kind of Awards Define SP?

There are plenty of awards within the storage and consumer electronics industries we’ve been proud recipients of over the years. Here are just a few:

#1. COMPUTEX d&i Award

COMPUTEX — or COMPUTEX TAIPEI — is touted as the leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) trade show in the world. As the name suggests, the event is hosted in Taipei, Taiwan, and has been every year since its inception in 1981.

Why is COMPUTEX important?

COMPUTEX is more than just a trade show — it’s a platform event that connects burgeoning Taiwanese tech-startups and enterprises with foreign investors seeking global partnerships.

As a hotbed of “tech” activity, Taiwan’s COMPUTEX draws some of the biggest brands in the industry, which is why SP was honored to take home several COMPUTEX d&i Awards between 2009 and 2015.

What’s a d&i Award?

As the premier COMPUTEX award, d&i’s are handed out to companies that see things differently. To be eligible, products need to be unique enough to stand apart from the crowd, yet functional and user-friendly enough to relate to their respective audiences.

Here is a list of the five criteria judges consider when scoping out potential d&i recipients:

  • Innovation
  • Functionality 
  • Aesthetic
  • Sustainability 
  • Product Positioning 

SP won several d&i Awards for its Jewel, Touch, and Mobile consumer USB Flash Drive series in 2009, 2012, and 2015; in 2014, we were also awarded a d&i award for the Thunder T11 External Drive.


#2. iF Design Award

The iF Design Awards have been around since 1953 and are hosted annually in Hannover, Germany. With over 5,000 submissions from over 70 countries every year, iF is one of the most anticipated and distinguished design competitions world wide.

Why is it important?

Architecture has the Alvar Aalto, advertising has the Clios, and product design has the iF Design Awards. Think of it as one of those awards that distinguishes who’s who within the design world.

Renowned companies like Volkswagen and Vodafone compete for iF awards every year, an indication of the event’s prestige across various industries.

SP has taken home iF Design Awards consecutively since 2014, mainly for our consumer line USB Flash Drives, but also in 2015 for our Stream S06 External Hard Drive.

#3. The Red Dot Award

Instituted in 1955, The Red Dot: Product Design is an international design competition spanning across 48 categories ranging from “fashion and accessories, to consumer electronics and vehicles, household helpers and furniture.”

Held once a year in the Aalto Theatre in Essens, Germany, the chief goal of the Red Dot Award is to recognize “good design and innovation.”

Why does a Red Dot Award matter?

Red Dot Awards are considered a seal of quality for product design, as each product is evaluated and selected by a jury of “some 40 recognized experts from around the world.”

In 2013, SP won a Red Dot Award for both the Firma F80 USB Flash Drive and the Armor A15 External Hard Drive, and another in 2014 for the Thunder T11 External Drive.


#4. The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)

IDEA was founded in 1980 by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), an institution that fosters design education by offering scholarships, resources, and formal courses through accredited universities and design schools.

Their prestigious IDEA award recognizes “excellence in product design” and claims to be “one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated annual awards programs in existence.”

Why is it important?

Receiving an IDEA is an honour. To quote long time IDSA member Yves Behar, “For anyone who is a maker, who is building something, it’s the ultimate achievement to win an IDEA.”

SP received and IDEA award in 2013 for the Touch T02, one of our consumer-level USB drives. Although the Touch T02 has officially reached its End of Life (EOL), it still serves as a testament to SPs devotion to design and performance excellence.

#5. DISTREE EMEA Exhibitor Diamond Award

Hosted annually at the luxurious Monte Carlo hotel in the Principality of Monaco, DISTREE EMEA is a convention that specifically summits CEOs, Managing Directors, and senior-level distribution and vendor executives from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa to “meet and talk business.”

Focusing primarily on the commercial ICT and consumer electronics spheres, DISTREE is an invitation only event, meaning only brands with cachet and a global presence are considered.

So, what’s an Exhibitor Diamond Award?

DISTREE Exhibitor Diamond Awards are handed out by the channel partners based on factors like:

  • Product Portfolio
  • Product Roadmap
  • Channel Program
  • Business Potential
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Quality of Meetings and Interaction at DISTREE EMEA

Essentially, channel partners want to see product lines with growth potential and a clear-cut marketing strategy.

As a brand with multiple expanding global markets, it’s no wonder SP has come home from DISTREE three years in a row with Diamond Awards, including Best Storage & Flash Vendor of the Year in 2016 and Best Storage Vendor in 2017 and 2018.


#6. Taiwan Excellence Awards

Established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993, the Taiwan Excellence Awards assess candidates based on these four criteria:

  1. Research and Development (R&D)
  2. Design
  3. Quality 
  4. Marketing

Most importantly, products must be “Made in Taiwan” to be eligible.

Why is it important?

Selected products are promoted by the government in the international market to shape the global community’s perception of Taiwanese businesses as a creative force. Receiving even one Taiwan Excellence Award is considered a mark of distinction.

Well, we knocked that number out of the park: between the years 2009-2018, SP has won 48 Taiwan Excellence Awards. While this number might seem biased or outrageous, it’s accurate.

How do we do it?

First and foremost, we ensure that each product incorporates intuitive design and top notch performance.

Indeed, all of our products, from our diverse range of USB Flash Drives to our lauded line of Armor series external hard drives, are designed and manufactured to stay ahead of the performance curve.

This approach allows us to continually offer you quality products at a competitive rate without falling short of industry standards.

So, What’s Next For SP?

The future is looking bright. So far, we have begun to broaden our product line by offering everyday consumer electronic accessories like the Boost Charger series, the Blast Bluetooth Wireless Earphones series, and our new cutting-edge line of PCIe SSDs.

To learn more about the various awards, milestones, and recognitions that have defined the SP brand, check out our Milestones and Achievements page!



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